On this page you can choose all the options you want, or don't want in your Versus Fightstick.

The result of the combinations is then sent to us. We will calculate the price and estimate the delay for the production of your fightstick and then come back to you by email with a link to payment.

You may check our stock at all time on the component page . So if you only need components, you can buy it here right away.

Do not hesitate to cummunicate with us, we are here to help you achieve the fightstick you want.

You can also buy one directly here with our artworks:

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Pricing table

Default price: 259€

A complete customised fighstick at default price includes:

Printing Top sheet printed (Default) Top sheet transparent  (-30€)

Zero Delay (Default)

(Compatible with: PC/PS3/Raspberry Pi)

Brook Universal Fighting Board (+70€)

(Compatible with: Switch/PS4/PS3/Xbox One/Xbox 360/Wii U/PC/Raspberry Pi)

No PCB (-10€)
Cable 1 metre magnetic cable (Default) 1m default cable + 1.5m extention cable (+6€)

Additional Services

Figure of buttons' position

Buttons' position

Want less buttons?

You may refer to the picture showing where each button is placed and tell us in the form below. For instance, maybe you only want 3 buttons placed at position 5, 1 and 2. The empty holes can be filled with a blank button or with nothing(if you want to use your own buttons for example), depending on your preference. Then the total price will be calculated accordingly.

Want different finishes?

We cut the Versus Fightstick's case in a raw piece of ABS, this gives it an industrial look. It only comes in black. We propose some different finishes for interested customers. For instance, we can add a vinyl all around the controller for a perfectly matte black or matte white look. Or we could spray paint it black. These are the only available colours for now, but according to customer's interest, we may propose more. Please note this will add additional fees to the base price of the controller.

Enjoy DIY?

By default, we assemble the controller for convenience. But maybe you enjoy the DIY aspect of building the fightstick. You may ask us to send you the controller dissassembled. We will gladly do so, we know it's satisfying.

Printing only

If you already have a fightstick and would like to UV print your artwork on its panel, this could be arranged. Please feel free to contact us.

How to order a fightstick?

Step 1

Download the templates below and make your artwork

For the best printing result, the resolution of the image should be at least: 4137px * 2483px (34cm * 20cm), and the color mode should be CMYK.

SEGA layout 1

Format .psd

SEGA layout 2

Format .ai

TAITO layout 1

Format .psd

TAITO layout 2

Format .ai

Step 2

Fill the form below

If you want any button in a different color than this, don't worry, please tell us all what you want in the "Extra message to us" section below.

⚠ Important !!! Please note that for BAT TOP, we only have RED, BLUE, WHITE and BLACK. Don't choose the other colour for the BAT TOP.

The top sheet will be black by default if you don't upload anything. Allowed formats: AI, PSD, EPS, PDF, JPG, JPEG, PNG, GIF


How many Fightstick do you want?

Step 3

Wait for the quote and then pay

We will email you back soon with the price, the delay of production, the 3D preview of your fightstick and a link to payment. Once we receive your payment, we start to build your fightstick. You will be informed by email when it's shipped.