Versuscade customisable fightstick

Versus Fightstick

The ultimate arcade experience, the way you want.

A fully customisable fightstick. A classical arcade button layout, using Sanwa components. A solid build quality, made to last and make you win even during the most intense battles. Anything else is up to you. Custom artwork, custom buttons and balltop colours, custom console and/or PC compatibility options, thanks to the Brook PCB.

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Simple yet strong design

Button mashing is no issue for the Versus Fightstick. With its thick and strong case, topped by a scratch-resistant acrylic sheet, never fear crushing the opposition. It's big enough to offer comfortable palm rest, and equipped with anti-slip paddings for comfortable lap gameplay. Because quality is the heart of Versuscade, the custom artwork of your choice will be directly printed onto the acrylic sheet for extra durability.

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Tournament-grade Sanwa components

The Versus Fightstick uses the well-known and proven Sanwa arcade components. The OBSF-30 push buttons respond instantly, offering a pleasant and precise feedback while never wearing out your fingers during gameplay. The JLF joystick allows you to easily swap out different shaped restrictor gates for a 2, 4 or 8 way style, while still being the most precise joystick on the market.

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A hand-made product

The Versus Fighstick is a well designed and crafted artisanal product. To get away from industrial uniformity, and allow customisation to the player's wishes, each piece is unique and hand-made here in our workshop in France. We are a small team of two people, passionate about gaming, creativity and electronics. Each fightstick is made with uttermost care to bring you the best product. We hope our fightstick will bring you long, fun and intense gaming sessions.

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Versuscade customisable fightstick
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SEGA Layout
Sega layout Versuscade fightstick
TAITO Layout
Taito layout Versuscade fightstick