UV printed acrylic sheet for Versus Fightstick


UV printed scratch-resistant acrylic sheet, for the ultimate customisation experience.

Scratch-resistant acrylic sheet, made to fit the Versus Fightstick. You may choose between two different layouts, Sega or Taito.

Unlike artwork printed on paper and simply put under the acrylic sheet, UV printing guarantees a very polished and high quality finish. No more problems with a paper artwork absorbing humidity, or the colours of the printed artwork fading away. UV printing solves this by being printed directly into the material - think of phone cases. For an even higher increased lifespan, we print the artwork on the underside of the acrylic sheet, your hands will never touch it during gameplay on the Versus Fightstick. 

To make sure your artwork is perfectly aligned with the cuts on the sheet, please download the template according to the layout you chose. If you need assistance with the template or the artwork you choose to get printed, please contact us. 

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