Versus Fightstick - Zelda BOTW Link

285,83 €

Versus Fightstick thème Zelda BOTW Link, la manette arcade personnalisée et fabriquée à la main avec layout Taito Vewlix ou layout Sega et les boutons Sanwa. Choisissez votre circuit imprimé pour plus de compatibilité. Plus d'options de personnalisation possible. 


Circuit imprimé
Câble USB

The Versus Fightstick is a handmade fightstick. When ordering your fightstick, you can choose between 2 classical arcade button layouts, the Taito Vewlix layout, and the Sega layout. Each fightstick comes with 11 high quality Sanwa buttons and a Sanwa joystick. It also comes with a detachable magnetic USB cable. The Versus Fightstick is built like a tank, with its thick and strong case, topped by a scratch-resistant acrylic sheet.

For more customisation options, please send us a request of quote here: REQUEST A QUOTE

What you get when ordering a handmade Versus Fightstick:

  • The Versus Fightstick case
  • 11 * Sanwa buttons (OBSF-30)
  • 1 * Sanwa joystick (JLF-TP-8YT-SK)
  • 1 * PCB of your choice
  • 1 * Magnetic USB cable
  • 1 * UV printed acrylic sheet with layout of your choice
  • 4 * anti-slip paddings

We assemble the fightstick for you. In case you would want to assemble it yourself, please contact us when ordering your fightstick.

For any questions about the items we sell, please contact us.